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Here is your Introductory Guide on How to Use WordPress

WordPress is one of the most flexible and easy-to-understand publishing tool available for personal and commercial use. You can use this platform to make websites for your dog, for your tech blogs, for your travels – looking for the goedkope hotels amsterdam bij centraal station; for your Amsterdam bike rental business, and others.

But like any other tool around, you have to experience how to use it to actually know and be expert on it. Fortunately, you have this article to give you a heads-up on what you can expect from this powerful tool.

The Free or Paid version

You have two options that you can choose from when it comes to starting your website.

The first one is the free version. You would say, “Yes, I will choose this one because it is free!” It is free alright, but it has does some limitations. One, it has wordpress.com at the end of your URL. If you are sensitive with your domain, then you probably have to pay extra for it and link it to WordPress.

When you use WordPress.com, you are telling yourself that, if you want to upgrade, you will be using their hosting, and their security, and other stuff.

The other version is WordPress.org. When you pick this one, you will need to pay for it. In addition to that, you will also have to look for your own hosting and domain.

Setting up your account

For discussion purposes, we will use WordPress.com. You will be prompted to input your email address, a username, and a password. You can also opt to connect your Google account to WordPress. You will then be asked a series of questions that describe your website.

This can be easy or frustrating depending on your website name. Because of the numerous accounts that use WordPress, it can be quite troublesome to use the usual terms for a site. Typical business names may already be registered. So you have to get creative with this one.

WordPress Dashboard

Once you finished answering the questions, you will be brought to the WordPress.com dashboard. Here, you can try to click on some options to get to know the functionalities of WordPress and how you can maximize this tool to create your site.

6 thoughts on “Here is your Introductory Guide on How to Use WordPress

  1. I am really in a bind here. I do not know what to pick. Should I just pick the free one, or just go and choose WordPress.org. I don’t have any idea on the right hosting to use. And I am not really into coding. I want to the flexibility of WordPress.org but I am not sure if I can handle it being a newbie and all.

  2. Finding a preferred website name may really take some time if you have a common phrase or name in mind. I suggest that you make a list of website names that are acceptable to you. This is especially true for commercial names where putting random numbers and symbols on the name will just not make sense.

  3. The WordPress.org dashboard is a lot more complicated than WordPress.com. But the complexity will also give you the opportunity to customize your website and use plugins that you can use especially if you are an online seller or have an affiliate site. But as a beginner, you can start getting yourself acquainted with WordPress.com.

  4. Thanks for sharing this complete guide on how to use wordpress. I’m a bit shy to use wordpress for my site because of hacking but now I know how to protect my site. Thanks much!

  5. I have been planning on starting my own blog but my fear of hacking and the expenses it may incur stopped me. I’m glad that I read this article. I now have an idea on how to start my blog.

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