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Qualities of a Good Website

Every business should have a website. A company that does not include their online presence in its top priorities is losing money. Websites bring crowds and customers to your business. If your company does not have a website yet, then hire someone who can create one for you.

But a website is only useful if it is tailor-made for the clients that you are aiming to get. Without these good qualities listed below, you will not capitalize on your presence online that you should buy traffic website visitors just to get visits.


The attention span and patience of online browsers and users are becoming shorter and shorter. It only takes seconds before people will go back to search results and look for another website.

In line with this, you should build a website that appears in 5 seconds or less. The faster, the better. Some even go 1 second or quicker. This can be done through page optimization, thus minimizing your efforts on how to get more visitors to your website by then.

Do optimization of web images. You can decrease the size of photos that you upload or just download a plugin that reduces their sizes but does not decrease web viewing experience.  Use a goedkoopste internet abonnement ziggo to speed up the loading process

To measure the speed of your website, you can use Pingdom or GTMetrix.

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Your website should give what your customers are looking for. They want to get it as soon as they clicked on your website because they wanted to use some aliexpress coupons for new users to purchase online. You can only keep them reading on the page that you created if you consistently show them the information that they want.

Zero errors

A major turn-off in a website is the simple errors that you see in them. Wrong grammar, incorrect spelling, and accumulation of too many words in a paragraph are things that you should avoid on your pages. Make your website as clean and as perfect as you can so that website visitors will not be turned away.  This can be avoided using the elitepartner premium service to do the job for you.

Great user experience

Do you know the feeling of getting inside a cinema? You are slowly walking along the aisle. The LED lights are on the sides and walls. And then you walk into the theater and see the big screen. And we cheer and smile and have joy when as we sit down and watch the movie.

This is what user experience is all about. You can only retain your audience if you give them a good feeling as they scroll down your pages.

5 thoughts on “Qualities of a Good Website

  1. I have had problems before on my site regarding the loading speed. I did everything to make it faster- decreased the image sizes, removed the page drafts, and even switched to another host. But it still did not work. Then, I found out about plugins that can slow your page down. So, I deleted those plugins and instantly, the website became faster.

  2. It is quite difficult to present a good user experience to my audience. I would need a lot of information about the customers that I get online like the demographics, the type of personalities they have, their preferences, and others. But I think, once I figure it out, website design will be easier and better.

  3. Another good quality of a website is a great navigation option for the visitor. Based on my experience, it is nice to see a table of contents at the top a website page that I read for me to navigate it easily. I can just click on the information that I am looking for with the hassle of manually scrolling down.

  4. Good websites have a good number of visits per day. A consistent flow of traffic daily can boost its search engines ranking.

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